Attica Smedry

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Attica Smedry
House Smedry
Spouse Shasta
Children Alcatraz
Parents Leavenworth
Siblings Kaz, Pattywagon
Died Killed by Biblioden
Abilities Smedry Talent, Oculator
World Earth (Alcatraz)
Featured In Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians

Attica Smedry is an Oculator and the heir to House Smedry.[1]

He is married to Shasta and the father of Alcatraz. His Talent is losing things.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Attica is described as being a tall man with hawkish features and messy dark brown hair.[2][3] He usually wears an antiquated suit or dark robes.

His son Alcatraz describes him as a terrible father, and his father Leavenworth comments that he does not cope with fame too well. Attica himself admits to being terrible at saying goodbye.[4] However, while he may not always pay attention to Alcatraz, he does love him. When Alcatraz looks through the Shaper’s Lenses, he sees that Attica does care about him, as well as Shasta.[5] He also sacrifices his life for Alcatraz.

Attica is charming and well-liked by the people of Nalhalla. He wants to be universally adored.

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Attica has the ability to lose things, which is a space talent on the Incarnate Wheel. Though he is never seen using his Talent, he is stated to have great control over it.[6] Attica is also a skilled Oculator and can use the different Oculator's Lenses.

Other than his magical abilities, Attica is a renowned scholar and researcher in the Free Kingdoms. His achievements include discovering how Transporter's Glass works and devising a method for collecting the Sands of Rashid. He is incredibly intelligent, as he found a loophole in the rules of the Library of Alexandria -- which allowed Alcatraz to free him from the library[2] -- and was able to infiltrate the Highbrary.[7]


Attica married Shasta over the objections of his father, who believed Shasta was only manipulating him in order to gain his Talent.[1] Together, they researched the origins of Smedry Talents and the Sands of Rashid, which Attica managed to collect. Shortly after the birth of Alcatraz, Attica and Shasta separated, and Attica disappeared from the Free Kingdoms.

Thirteen years later, Attica allowed himself to be captured in the Library of Alexandria and turned into a Curator. He left a message which allowed his son to free him. Before he was freed, he used his Curator status to gather knowledge about the Incarna.[2]

Upon returning to the Free Kingdoms, Attica spent a week alternately socializing with Free Kingdom nobility and feverishly recording knowledge gained from the Library of Alexandria. He then announced his intention to develop a way to give everyone Talents using the knowledge he gained during his imprisonment.[8]

After this, he went to the Highbrary to read its Forgotten Language books. He was eventually captured by Biblioden and sacrificed on the altar of outdated encyclopedias to create a Blood-forged Lens.[9][10]



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