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World of Origin Earth (Alcatraz)
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The Librarians are a cult of librarians which ruled most of the Hushlands,[1] founded by Biblioden on the principle that silimatic technology and oculators should be kept secret from the majority of the world.


The Librarians are divided into four main orders, or groups.

Wardens of the Standard
The most common Librarians in the Hushlands, are masters at cataloging books. They claim to be kindly, but according to Grandpa Smedry, "The whole order is founded on the idea of looking innocent; they’re really the deadliest snakes in the lot." They sent a contingent to Nalhalla to open an embassy and attempt to negotiate a treaty.
Order of the Shattered Lens
They are said to take the teachings of Biblioden most seriously and oppose the use of any Silimatic technology. This is taken to the extreme of destroying any that they find, including Oculatory lenses. They also hold symbolic glass-breaking ceremonies where they break even regular glass. They are said to be the largest sect of the evil Librarians.[2] Cultists from this order are the ones who eventually tie Alcatraz to an altar of outdated encyclopedias. [3]
Dark Oculators
Oculator Librarians who often specialize in dangerous, offensive Lenses. They also practice Dark Oculary, including Alivening. [4]
Scrivener's Bones
The Scrivener's Bones are the smallest of the Librarian factions.[5] They are mercenaries that hire themselves out to the other Librarians. They are not Oculators, and so wield blood-forged Lenses (Lenses made with the blood of an Oculator that can be used by non-Oculators). Some of them augment their bodies with Alivened material, resulting in a hideous cyborg-like appearance. They are fond of using both Hushlander and Free Kingdomer technology, such as when Kilimanjaro used a fighter jet with an Oculatory Lens.[6] The Scrivener's Bones also provided the technology and scientists that allowed Shasta Smedry to infiltrate the Royal Archives (Not a Library!) of Nalhalla.[7]

Known Librarians[edit]

Wardens of the Standard[edit]

  • Kangchenjunga Sarekgjakka was the ambassador to the Council of Kings lobbying for the treaty that would hand over Mokia to the Librarians.
  • Himalaya Smedry was part of Warden of the Standard before she defected from the evil librarians.

Dark Oculators[edit]

  • Radrian Blackburn is the dark oculator who smelted the lenses made from the sands of Rashid stolen from Alcatraz on his thirteenth birthday.
  • Fitzroy is the dark oculator who accompanied Shasta Smedry when she infiltrated the Royal Archives to steal a book in the forgotten language.

Scrivener's Bones[edit]

  • Kilimanjaro chased Alcatraz after fleeing from the Hushlands and through the Library of Alexandria.

Other Notable Librarians[edit]

Shasta Smedry is a known librarian, however her motives and order are unclear even to other librarians.

How to Spot Evil Librarians[edit]

There are many stereotypes for librarians:

- Horn-rimmed glasses
- Suit and Tie
- Evil cultists
- Vengeful undead who want to suck your soul


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