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Alcatraz3 SP cover art.png
Headquarters Nalhalla
Type Warriors
World of Origin Earth (Alcatraz)

Crystallia is the order of knights that protects the nobility of the Free Kingdoms.[1]


The Crystin knights each have three crystals. The Fleshstone grants the power that Knights of Crystallia are known for. Another crystal is used to make their swords and daggers, the latter being immature crystals.[2]

All of the knights are connected through the Mindstone which allows them to share their skills and experiences.[1]


The knights exist outside normal society to avoid meddling. New Crystin are promoted by a counsel of three knights. This council also holds trials for its members. Members of the council include Archedis and Draulin.[1]

Getting cut off from the knights' magic rock also requires a period of exile from their giant glass mushroom.[3]


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