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Ethnicity Mokian
Capital Tuki Tuki
Ruled by King Talakimallo
Region Free Kingdoms
World Earth (Alcatraz)

Mokia is one of the Free Kingdoms on Earth.[1] It is ruled by King Talakimallo.


The kingdom of Mokia consists of an isthmus between the northern and southern continents of the pacific Free Kingdoms, and a number of islands. Two of the islands to the east of the isthmus are called Bigger Island and Biggest Island. The capital Tuki Tuki is located on the south coast of Biggest Island. The mainland is bordered to the north by Zhenbang and possibly Dino Land, and to the south by the northwest corner of Nalhalla. Bigger Island is located below Hawaii, and Biggest Island is located below that, playing on the nickname of the largest island of Hawaii, the Big island. The islands of Halaiki are off the south coast of Biggest Island. [2]

Ethnicity and Culture[edit]

The Mokian people are similar to the Hushlands Polynesian people.[3]

Don't make assumptions, idiot.

— Ancient Mokian proverb.[4]


They have been besieged by Librarians for years. Alcatraz Smedry ended it by transferring his power to the Mokians and having them use his Talent to break all of the Librarian weapons.

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