Rikers Dartmoor

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Rikers Dartmoor
House Dartmoor
Parents Brig, Draulin
Siblings Angola, Bastille
Nationality Nalhallan
Homeworld Earth (Alcatraz)
Introduced In The Knights of Crystallia

Rikers Dartmoor is the crown prince of Nalhalla.[1] He is in his thirties, wears lavish royal blue and silver robes, a baseball cap, and has a short red beard. He likes to throw exclusive lunch parties and writes fictitious stories about Alcatraz Smedry, including a novel called Alcatraz Smedry and the Mechanic's Wrench.


Although Prince Rikers had written fictional novels about Alcatraz, he met the famous Smedry for the first time when Alcatraz crashed his lunch party. He offered Alcatraz and company a ride to the Royal Palace when Alcatraz was looking for Folsom and Himalaya and tags along on their mission to stop Shasta Smedry from recovering a book from the Royal Archives (Not a Library!). He calls ahead and discovers that Folsom and Himalaya are not at the Royal Palace but at the Royal Gardens having a picnic. After picking up Folsom and Himalaya, he gives them a ride back to the Royal Archives. Despite being told that what Alcatraz and his friends were doing was dangerous, he insisted on coming with Alcatraz on his "adventure". He quickly becomes bored when he realizes that Alcatraz's real adventures are actually rather boring. After the Royal Archives are switched by the Librarians, Rikers was the first to recognize that the stairwell they were climbing up was the wrong one –- it was made of wood rather than stone. He is the only one to be excited about being captured by the Librarians. After they escape and make it back to Nalhalla, Rikers demands that the treaty talks between the Free Kingdoms and the Librarians cease. After helping Alcatraz and friends stop the treaty, he flees from the scene.

He does not like Folsom Smedry because he pans his silly fantasy books about Alcatraz flying around on vacuum cleaners.



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