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Aliases Dif Smedry, The Scrivener
Groups Librarian
Homeworld Earth (Alcatraz)
First Appeared The Dark Talent
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Biblioden is the man who founded the Librarians with his teachings.[1]

He believed that the real world was too strange and dangerous to be known about by the majority of people, and so it must be hidden from them. This lead to the mass censorship and alteration of history which the Librarians have accomplished in the present day. Not all the Librarians are in agreement on how his teachings should be followed, however. Most Librarians have no qualms about using Free Kingdomer technology -- they just believe it should be kept from the average person. The Order of the Shattered Lens take his teachings more literally and believe that all glass-based technology is blasphemy and should be destroyed on sight.[citation needed]

Biblioden is personally guilty of many atrocities, including killing Leavenworth and Attica Smedry in cold blood, sinking an entire island, and killing his own brother.[2]

He was thought to be dead until rumors of the return of the Scrivener are heard.[3] Instead of death, however, it turns out that he had merely put himself to sleep until the finalization of his plan for world unity was near.

He has been posing as Dif, a Smedry cousin, for years, waiting for a chance to destroy the Smedry family from within.[citation needed] He also sacrificed Attica to make a Bloodforged lens. It handles the power of the Incarna.[citation needed]


  • His Smedry name is a reference to the Château d'If in France. This is not immediately clear until Draulin refers to him as "Lord D'if".[4]


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