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Himalaya Smedry
House Smedry
Spouse Folsom
Abilities Smedry Talent, Librarian
Homeworld Earth (Alcatraz)
Introduced In The Knights of Crystallia
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Why did I have to give up who I was? Why can't I be me, but also be on your side? I don't want to stifle information, but I do want to organize it! I don't want to rule the world, but I do want to bring it to order! I don't want everything to be the same, but I do want to understand! I am a good Librarian!

— Himalaya[1]

Himalaya Smedry née Rockies is a Librarian defector.[2] Before her defection she was the assistant to Kangchenjunga Sarekgjakka.[3]

She marries Folsom Smedry and gains his Talent: she can dance really poorly.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Himalaya is young, with dark skin. She wears a maroon skirt and white blouse and spectacles on a chain. Alcatraz is surprised by how pretty she is.[2] She is passionate about keeping things organized and becomes distraught at the prospect of books being hurt.[1] When trying to suppress her Librarian tendencies, she often finds herself organizing things unconsciously.

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Himalaya was trained as one of the Wardens of the Standard, the best sorters in all the world.[4] She is able to sort and organize things with superhuman speed and ability, without even looking at them, sometimes without even touching them (for example, touching the top of a whole stack of books causes the entire stack to sort itself in the order she wants).

After marrying Folsom Smedry she gains his Talent: she can dance really poorly. The talent engages when she hears music. The poor dancing most often appears to take the form of violent and powerful fighting.


Himalaya is introduced as a former Warden of the Standard who has defected to the side of the Free Kingdoms. She is being watched by Folsom Smedry, and it is at first assumed that this is because he still does not trust her. She tries very hard to be a reformed Librarian, even going so far as to refuse to organize or sort things because she is told that that is how to become a good guy. Eventually, however, her talents as a Warden of the Standard become important to defeating Shasta Smedry, Alcatraz's mother. After this, she comes to the realization that it is possible to be both a Librarian and a good person, calling herself a good Librarian.

Later, after discovering that the reason that Folsom had been spending so much time with her was because he was in love with her, the two marry in order to escape from capture by Shasta and other Librarians. She gains Folsom's Talent to dance really poorly, which usually takes the form of talented and aggressive fighting, and this allows them to free themselves.

Following the events of The Knights of Crystallia, Himalaya and Folsom resolve to go back to the Hushlands and "distribute pamphlets" to teach other Librarians how not to be evil.[5] This venture turns out to be successful, as when Kaz, Grandpa, Dif, and Alcatraz, go to Washington, D.C. in search of the Highbrary and Alcatraz's father, Attica, they discover Himalaya, Folsom, and many other Librarians behind a barricade, trying to help them. These Librarians are apparently all Librarians that have been recruited by Himalaya to join the Free Kingdom's cause, and they assist Alcatraz in sneaking into the Highbrary and fighting off the other Librarians.[6]


Her first name is likely a reference to the Himalayan Mountain Range in Asia. Her maiden name is likely a reference to the Rocky Mountain Range in North America.


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