Kazan Smedry

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Kazan Smedry
House Smedry
Parents Leavenworth
Siblings Attica, Pattywagon
Abilities Smedry
World Earth (Alcatraz)
Featured In Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians

Kazan Smedry is a Smedry.[1]. He is the son of Leavenworth Smedry and the brother of Attica and Pattywagon.

Appearance and Personalty[edit]

Kazan is described as having "A wide face with a broad chin and dark, curly hair." He wears rugged clothing, and is about four feet tall. He acts as a guide for the group, and like most Smedries, he enjoys going on adventures and doing dangerous things. Kazan does not like being referred to by his height, though he keeps an extensive list of reasons why short people are better than tall people.[1]

Traits and Abilities[edit]

Like all Smedries, Kazan has a Smedry talent. His talent is getting lost. It's a space talent on the Incarnate Wheel. This allows him to effectively transport himself and whoever follows him to another place, but it may take weeks to get to the destination. The talent is easier to activate if he is already lost, but would have limitations when he is at places that are unlikely to get lost. Parallels are made to Transporter's Glass. He is also able to use Warrior's lenses and can pilot silimatic vehicles.


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