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Sing Sing Smedry
House Smedry
Siblings Australia, Aydee
Abilities Smedry Talent
Nationality Mokian
World Earth (Alcatraz)
Featured In Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians

Sing Sing Smedry is a Smedry with the Talent to trip and fall down. He is the older brother of Australia Smedry and Aydee Ecks Smedry.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Sing Sing is six and a half feet tall and has dark hair and dark skin. He is quite large.[1] While in Hushlands he wears a kimono as a disguise,[2] but wears a tunic when in the Free Kingdoms.[1][3]

Sing is cheerful, good-natured, and loyal, showing great kindness to Alcatraz on their first mission together. He loves books and learning and shows great enthusiasm for his job.[4]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Sing has the Talent of tripping and falling to the ground, which he is able to utilize to great effect. One feature of his Talent is that he tends to trip whenever danger is nearby (and when tripping would be helpful in that situation).[5]

Additionally, Sing is an anthropologist specializing in ancient weaponry, and prefers to use guns over more “advanced” weapons.[2] He is very interested in Hushlander culture, though he despises the Librarians.[6]



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