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Australia Smedry
House Smedry
Siblings Sing Sing, Aydee
Abilities Smedry, Oculator
Nationality Mokian
World Earth (Alcatraz)
Featured In Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians

Australia Smedry is an Oculator and a member of the Smedry family, a cousin to Alcatraz. Her Talent allows her to wake up looking really ugly.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Australia is sixteen years old when she first meets Alcatraz. She is descibed as plump, with the tan skin, dark hair, and brown eyes typical of the Mokian people.[1]

Australia is immediately friendly towards Alcatraz, and also appears to be somewhat absent-minded. She is for the most part cheerful and optimistic, but a little insecure and good at hiding her negative emotions.

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Australia has the ability to wake up looking really ugly. If she falls asleep thinking about a certain person, she can wake up looking exactly like that person, though the effect seems to wear off fairly quickly.[2] She is also able to use her talent to impersonate non-human creatures. She can fall asleep very quickly, at will - during the infiltration of the Library of Alexandria she is able to force herself to fall asleep within the space of five minutes.

In addition to her Talent, Australia has two other significant abilities: She is an Oculator (though unpracticed and only able to effectively use simple Lenses) and a capable pilot.


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