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The literature infobox template is used to describe literary works, both written (e.g. books, newspapers) and oral (e.g. songs, poems), from any of Brandon Sanderson's stories.


|world= / earth=


Highlighted lines indicate mandatory parameters.

{{Literature}} Parameters
Parameter Description Examples
image Use this to display a relevant image hosted on the Coppermind.

See Help:Infoboxes for further details.

|image=The Elendel Daily header.png

type Use this to specify the type of the literary work.

See #Types for further details.

|type=Book |type=Opera

author Use this to specify the author(s) of the literary work, if known.

|author=[[Hoid]], [[Frost]]

language Use this to specify the original language of the literary work.


era Use this to specify when the literary work was created. This forwards to {{era}}, so it must be defined there. As a result, it cannot be a link.

|era=Era of Solitude

Use this to specify the planet where the literary work can be found.

Note: Automatically generates a link. To bypass this, use 'world.
See Help:Infoboxes for further details.


universe Use this to indicate the (connected) universe where the literary work can be found.

See Help: Infoboxes for further details.

|universe=[[Wode]] [[State]]s


When specifying a type for a literary work, stick to the most generic type only. For example, An Accountability of Virtue is both a book and a (romance) novel, but for the purposes of this template it is of the same type as Shadows Remembered - a book.

Applying a category to the type is not necessary, but if you can find one in the list of category, use it.

Note: do not use {{cat tag|books}}. Category:Books is for the books written by Brandon Sanderson, not in-world literature.

Categories & Tags

Pages that make use of the {{Literature}} template will be added to Category: Literature.

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