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The Poem of the Seventh Morning

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The Poem of the Seventh Morning
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

The Poem of the Seventh Morning is ancient poetry from Roshar.[1][2]

The poem itself has been lost, but parts of it survive through citations in other ancient works. During her research of Voidbringers, Jasnah Kholin quoted a snippet from the poem in her notebook.[1] The quote contains some information attributed to an ancient Knight Radiant who was familiar with fighting Voidbringers.[1]

They changed, even as we fought them. Like shadows they were, that can transform as the flame dances. Never underestimate them because of what you first see.
— Purports to be a scrap collected from Talatin, a Radiant of the Order of Stonewards. The source - Guvlow's Incarnate - is generally held as reliable, though this is from a copied fragment of The Poem of the Seventh Morning, which has been lost.[1]


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