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Shadows Remembered

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Shadows Remembered
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
'They lived out in the wilds, always awaiting the Desolation--or sometimes, a foolish child who took no heed for the night’s darkness.'
A child's tale, yes, but this quote from Shadows Remembered seems to hint at the truth I seek. See page 82, the fourth tale.
— excerpt from the journal of Jasnah Kholin[1]

Shadows Remembered was a book on Roshar full of children's tales about the Voidbringers.[2] The unnamed female author had been curious about the folktales of the darkeyes and had spent years collecting them.[2]

It was a thin, red book with a hogshide cover.[3] It is likely an older work, as a copy is kept in the Palanaeum, shelved in the same room as Dialogues.[2]

Shallan Davar noticed that Jasnah Kholin had been reading the book, piquing her interest; Shallan later visited the Palanaeum to look for it because she thought it would probably be a philosophical work about a historical murder.[2] After finding the book, Shallan was disappointed by its seemingly mundane content.[2] However, Jasnah's notes indicate that she did not dismiss any mythology about the Voidbringers, as there was always a possibility that folktales could contain elements of truth.[1]


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