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Type Essay
Author Jasnah Kholin
Created in True Desolation
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Stormlight Archive

The allusions… Such wordplay… The momentum and rhetoric… This is a work of art.

—Reactions from the viziers to Verdict[1]

Verdict is an essay written by Jasnah Kholin in the year 1174. It is one of three arguments presented to the Azish Government by the coalition of monarchs in an attempt to get the central Rosharan empire to join their forces.[1]

Verdict is the shortest essay of the three, being only a single, double-sided page long. It is written entirely in single rhythmic meter and includes references to Aqqu's seven Logical Forms and the Grand Orientation. It also contains a quote by Prime Kasimarlix that is used to extrapolate to different levels of Superior Understanding, in three sequential stages.[1]

The essay was presented to the Azish viziers and scions by Dalinar Kholin, in an effort to convince the country to join the coalition against Odium and the Fused. It was the final essay to be presented and convinced Vizier Noura to at least consider the alliance offer and present the arguments to the Prime. Verdict was received favorably by the officials and they were highly impressed by Jasnah's writing, finding it to live up to her reputation as a scholar. Nevertheless, it was not Jasnah's essay, but Navani's, that eventually convinced the Azish to join the coalition.[1]


  • 'Verdict' is the chapter title in which the three essays are presented to the Azish.[1]


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