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The Arguments

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The Arguments
Type Religious text
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Man's life on Roshar is conflict.

— from The Arguments, as quoted by Adolin[1]

The Arguments is a book on Roshar that is part of the doctrine of Vorinism.[1][2]


Adolin Kholin quotes The Arguments to Dalinar, who refers to the work as "scripture".[1] The Arguments may contain some historical or pseudohistorical information about human life on Roshar, as Adolin cites the book in reference to ongoing wars on Roshar since the time of the Tranquiline Halls.[1] Vorin culture has certain rules about sex and romance,[3] and some of those rules may have originated in The Arguments; Navani notes that the book does not forbid a marriage between a widow and her late husband's brother, although some devout Vorins maintain that such a relationship is inappropriate.[2]

Importance in Vorinism[edit]

Shallan recalls painting passages from The Arguments while growing up in Jah Keved, reciting them repeatedly and committing them to memory before burning the paper.[4] Both Shallan and ardent Pai cite a lack of connection to The Arguments when questioning the devotion of the Alethi.[4][5]


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