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World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Seld was a series of books with at least fourteen volumes that wasn't written in Alethi. One of the People who translated it was Gashash-son-Navammis, who was considered a trustworthy source by Jasnah Kholin. The single known quote however was questioned by Jasnah. She was considering translating it herself.[1]


It is unknown what these books are about specifically, they do however reference the Voidbringers in someway.[1]


Born from the darkness, they bear its taint still, marked upon their bodies much as the fire marks their souls.
—I consider Gashash-son-Navammis a trustworthy source, though I'm not certain about this translation. Find the original quote in the fourteenth book of Seld and retranslate it myself, perhaps?[1]


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