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Abilities Elantrian
Residence Elantris
Ethnicity Aonic
Nationality Arelene
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Hope of Elantris

Idotris is an Elantrian who lives in New Elantris on Sel during the period of the incomplete Shaod.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Idotris bears the same visual characteristics as other incomplete Elantrians, including gray skin and limp, balding hair. He is a young teenager, but the condition of his body makes it difficult to discern his age. He is generally sullen and grumpy, and sometimes responds to conversation with grunts. Matisse believes he maintains a negative attitude because he wants to fight alongside Dashe but is instead grouped with many younger children at the Roost. Despite his bravado, Idotris is visibly frightened on several occasions when he believes that he may be in danger. Matisse trusts him to perform lookout duties at the Roost, and he generally follows her instructions even if he complains first.[1]

His name is based on Aon Ido, which means mercy or forgiveness.[2]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Idotris and the other residents of the Roost are seen alive immediately before the full restoration of AonDor and Elantris.[1] They presumably all gained the inherent powers of restored Elantrians, including the ability to use AonDor.[3]


Idotris lived at the Roost in Matisse's care during Raoden's rule over New Elantris as Lord Spirit, when the Elantrians began to make improvements to the crumbling city. As one of the older children in the facility, he and other teenagers were tasked with ensuring that the younger children did not sneak out of the sleeping room. One night, Idotris saw some of the adult Elantrians practicing AonDor. He told Matisse that it was pointless since Aons did not work. However, Raoden and Galladon had actually begun to understand the effect of the Reod on AonDor.[1]

Idotris was later seen stationed at the front door of the Roost, throwing rocks at a slug, while Ashe read the children a story. He stayed up later than the other teenage lookouts and was still present when Matisse and Taid realized that something was seriously wrong in the city. Matisse told him to rouse the children even though they had just fallen asleep; Idotris unhappily complied. Ashe informed Matisse that Fjordell soldiers were attacking the city. Idotris was terrified, but he was enlisted to carry a lantern and help lead the other children away from danger. They left the Roost, but Matisse realized that the soldiers would be able to see Idotris's lantern, and sent Ashe to tell him to extinguish it. Matisse and Ashe distracted the soldiers, and Ashe helped Idotris lead the children to a hidden library nearby.[1]


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