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Parents Dashe
Abilities Elantrian
Bonded With Aeo
Residence Elantris
Ethnicity Aonic
Nationality Arelene
Homeworld Sel
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared The Hope of Elantris

Matisse is an Elantrian.

She looks after the children of New Elantris, keeping them safe during the Invasion of Arelon.[1] Dashe has become her adoptive father.


After being taken by the Reod, Matisse is taken to Karata's palace by Dashe. Once there she is tasked with looking after the children. Once Raoden founds New Elantris and befriends Karata, Matisse is given official charge of the Roost, New Elantris' nursery.

During the Invasion of Arelon she leads the children away from New Elantris and towards the Library, then she distracts the soldiers which pursue her by drawing Aon Ashe to entice them and then blind them. She runs away from the temporarily blinded soldiers but is trapped, though Dashe also runs in to her and fends off the soldiers for a short time before being impaled on one of their swords.

After the healing of Elantris, she is recaptured by the soldiers until Dashe kills them with the sword he was impaled upon.


She has a cut on her cheek which she sustained shortly after the Reod took her. After Raoden adds the Chasm Line to Elantris' foundation Aon, the cut is healed along with the rest of her wounds.


  • Brandon chose the name Matisse from the name of a girl in his now-wife Emily's 8th grade class who created an intricate book report on Elantris.[2]


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