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by Brandon Sanderson
Abilities Splinter of Devotion
Bonded With Sarene, Sarene's mother (formerly)
Species Seon
World Sel
Featured In Elantris

Ashe is a Seon, bound to Sarene[1] during the events of Elantris.

Like all other Seons, Ashe is a sentient, melon-sized ball of light. The glowing character Aon Ashe forms the center of Ashe's body, although it is partially obscured by his light. He has a deep voice, always perfectly enunciating his words.[1] He considers Teod his home,[2] though he spends several months with Sarene in Arelon during the events of Elantris. He mentions that he lived in Arelon for a brief time, long before being bound to Sarene.[1]

Ashe plays a key role in Sarene's efforts to thwart Hrathen's takeover of Arelon. Among other things, Ashe deduces that Raoden is the one truly in charge of Elantris,[3] saves Sarene from Iadon's Jesker cultists by alerting Eondel of her whereabouts[4], acts as courier between Sarene and Kiin while she is temporarily sequestered in Elantris,[5] and gives Raoden the exact trajectory necessary for him to teleport to Teod and rescue Sarene from Dilaf and his Dakhor monks.[2]


Ashe, although being a Seon, has a distinct personality. He is reserved and cautious, often displaying displeasure at the actions of Sarene. Despite this, he sees Sarene's safety above all and cares for her very much.[4]


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