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Died Killed by Nightblood[1]
Profession Fisherman
Residence T'Telir
World Nalthis
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Warbreaker

Old Chapps is a slightly insane fisherman who lives in the Idrian dock slums[2][1] in T'Telir on Nalthis.[3][4] He has lived in Hallandren at least since he was a teenager.[5]


He does his fishing during the night to avoid paying a tariff. He is occasionally hired by slumlords in the city to weigh down bodies and drop them in the bay.[3] In his youth he sold out his mother out of desire for her apartment, framing her for a theft. He is feebleminded and did not realize that he would subsequently become responsible for paying rent; he still lives in the apartment.[5] After his mother died in prison, Chapps tied rocks to her feet and left her body in the bay.[5]

While fishing one night, he hears a voice in his mind that tells him where to go. He doesn't think anything of it as the sea often "talks" to him. The voice commands him to drop his net in a specific location; when he pulls it up, he finds a black sword in a silver sheath entangled in the net. The sword is able to easily influence Chapps's unstable mind[4] and it asks him if he wants to destroy evil.[3] Chapps takes the sword onshore[3] and cleans it up.[1] Vivenna later finds Nightblood in a tenement (likely Chapps' apartment) alongside multiple corpses, including that of Chapps.[1]


  • Brandon cites Old Chapps as an example of an unexpected viewpoint character with a unique voice. He enjoys writing them and tries to include a few in each of his books.[4]


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