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Arelon Map.jpg
Capital Elantris
Kae (under Kings Iadon and Telrii)
Region Opelon
World Sel
Universe Cosmere

Arelon was the northwestern-most nation on the continent of Opelon on the planet Sel.


Before the Reod the capital city of Arelon was Elantris, the magical shining city home to the Elantrians who ruled the nation. After the fall of Elantris the nearby city of Kae became the capital for a short period of ten years and then after the invasion of Arelon, and the reconstruction of Elantris, New Elantris became the new capital.


Before the Reod, Arelon was ruled by the Elantrians as a theocratic nation[1]. They were worshipped as deities by virtue of their magical abilities. Although the Elantrians were regarded as gods by many of the citizenry, other religions existed and were not contested by the Elantrians.[2]

After the collapse of Elantris due to the Reod, the wealthiest and most powerful merchants rose up and seized control of the nation.[3] The merchants then became the new nobility, the capital city moved from Elantris to one of the surrounding towns, Kae, and the head of the merchants guild Iadon was crowned as king, the new government ruled that someones nobility was directly tied to their wealth, which lead to the reinstatement of a form of slavery of the peasant class as all the nobles struggled to gain more wealth and so rise in rank.[4] In addition to barons, counts, and dukes,[5] the system also had lesser titles like Kimeon (and its feminine version, Kimess) and Tore.[6][7][8] This system of government was incredibly unstable and it is believed that even without the invasion of Arelon the government would soon have collapsed.

After assuming the throne, King Raoden made the nobility lords of Elantris and charged them with distributing food and seeing to the needs of remote places.[9]

The currency used in Arelon is the Deo. It is named after Aon Deo.[10]


Some people of Aonic heritage, residing in Arelon would be struck by a phenomenon known as the Shaod and would gain the ability to draw Aons, which when drawn correctly, could produce a magical effect. These symbols were strongest when used close to the city of Elantris and inside of Arelons borders. Each Aon also resembled some of the landscape of Arelon. The central Aon that was required to draw all others was a basic map of Arelon itself.[2]


After the Reod and the Fall of Elantris, King Iadon established a plantation system in order to control Arelon. Peasants were bound to a plantation in a practice similar to serfdom. Each plantation was named for a different Aon. Due to the competitive nature of Arelene noble status, the peasants were often poorly treated, as the nobles were anxious to retain their titles.[5]

  • Aha Plantation
  • Aor Plantation: The plantation Diren worked on before being taken by the Reod.[11]
  • Are Plantation
  • Daa Plantation
  • Deo Plantation
  • Edo Plantation
  • Ehe Plantation
  • Ena Plantation
  • Eno Plantation
  • Eon Plantation: Operated by Count Eondel.[5]
  • Eshe Plantation
  • Iad Plantation
  • Ial Plantation: Operated by Duke Roial.[5]
  • Ido Plantation
  • Ien Plantation
  • Kaa Plantation
  • Kai Plantation
  • Kie Plantation: Operated by Lord Waren's father.[12]
  • Mai Plantation
  • Nae Plantation
  • Opa Plantation
  • Ore Plantation
  • Rii Plantation
  • Sao Plantation
  • Seo Plantation
  • Tii Plantation: Operated by Baron Edan.[5]


  • In the first published edition of Elantris, the term "Arelish" was used to describe things originating from the nation of Arelon. This was changed in the tenth anniversary edition of Elantris such that "Arelene" is now used as the nation's demonym and adjectival form.


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