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Parents Atara, Telrii
Died [1]
Abilities Elantrian
Aliases Soine
Residence Elantris
Ethnicity Aonic
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris

Shaor was a young girl who became an Elantrian before Raoden did. She was head of one of the city's three gangs, and her men were known for their wild brutality.[2]

Upon seeing Shaor, Raoden recognized her as Soine,[fn 1] the daughter of Duke Telrii who had claimed she died of dionia. She had been bald and had worn a wig of golden hair.[3] When entering Elantris the priests had not bothered to remove the wig, thinking it was her real hair which had yet to fall out. Because of her supposedly golden hair, she was worshiped by men who had gone mad in Elantris.[3]

When Raoden formed New Elantris and Shaor's men were restricted of their food supply from new Elantrians, they killed Shaor and took her wig to Raoden, to express their new allegiance to him.[1]


  1. Raoden says her name is based on Aon Soi and that he thinks it is Soine. In the Elantris glossary however, it was listed as Sorii, based on Aon Rii.
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