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Profession Priest of Shu-Korath
Ethnicity Aonic
Nationality Arelene
Homeworld Sel
Universe Cosmere

Father Omin is a Korathi priest who lives in Kae. He was known by the name Elenan in his youth.[1] Omin is bald, and has 'strikingly blue eyes'. He is short, even for an Arelene; short enough to have constructed a special podium to preach from that minimizes his lack of height.[2]

He is a kind, fatherly figure, one of the better priests Sarene has ever known. When he became a Korathi priest, he took the name Omin to represent his new path in life.[1] He is extremely absent-minded, often disappearing into his own mind in the middle of conversations. He explains the Widow's Trial to Sarene, and she asks him to perform her weddings to both Roial[3] and Raoden[4] He meets with Hrathen on the wall of Elantris and discusses with him the fact that he preaches hatred towards the Elantrians, but does nothing other than talk. [2]. However, he praises Hrathen's logic. He says that logic is not necessarily faith though, and questions Hrathen's faith.


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