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Super Awesome Danger
Released unknown

Super Awesome Danger is the planned title of an upcoming middle grade story by Brandon Sanderson.[1]


Super Awesome Danger was written in secret in 2021, during the period when Brandon was also developing four other secret novels that eventually became a massive Kickstarter campaign. No one outside of Brandon's immediate family was aware that he was writing these stories until after they were completed. Brandon did not include Super Awesome Danger in the Kickstarter because it is targeted at a different audience and he is not sure exactly how he plans to present it yet.[2]

Brandon created the novel with his sons Oliver and Dallin and he describes it as a "gift to his children".[1][2] Oliver drew a picture of a robot frog named "Robog" and it inspired Brandon to begin a story about a kid and his toy Robog that comes to life. Brandon's sons were extremely excited about the fact that art could be translated into fiction and they continued making more concept art that Brandon would work into the story. Brandon plans to have a professional artist use the concept art as inspiration for a graphic novel.[1] He is still finalizing this concept and the potential publication date is unknown.


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