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Spouse Dilaf
Died Ten years prior to the Reod[1]
Nationality Arelene
Homeworld Sel
Universe Cosmere

Seala is a young Arelene[2] woman from Sel and the former wife of Dilaf.[1]


Dilaf, a Derethi gragdet from Fjorden, was at some point physically transformed to look like a young Arelene man using the magic of Dakhor.[1] His intent was to infiltrate Arelon,[3] which was the only remaining nation in Opelon not under Fjordell control.[4] Seala met Dilaf after his transformation; despite his own distaste for his new body, she found him incredibly handsome.[1] Dilaf set aside his aversion to Aonic people and they were eventually married.[5]

Ten years prior to the Reod, Seala fell ill with a serious palsy[6] and Dilaf grudgingly took her to Elantris to be healed despite his distrust of their magic.[1] An Elantrian used Aon Ien to heal her, but the symbol was drawn incorrectly and it flashed and malfunctioned, leaving her 'cursed'.[6] Her hair fell out, her skin turned black, and she experienced incredible amounts of pain that never subsided, similar to fallen Elantrians after the Reod.[6][1] Eventually, the pain was so intense that she effectively became Hoed[7] and committed suicide by jumping from the walls of Elantris.[6][1] Dilaf found her still alive and screaming, and he burned her broken body.[1] He regretted ever bringing Seala to the Elantrians and wished they would have let her die.[1]


Seala's death fuels Dilaf's intense hatred of Elantrians[5] and causes him to become mentally unstable.[7] Dilaf believes that the unnamed Elantrian healer knew of his origins and intentionally botched the Aon,[1] but this is not confirmed.[8] He sees the invasion of Arelon as vengeance for Seala.[9]

Raoden learns of Seala's case in a book about unusual occurrences with AonDor.[10][6] Her case gives him some clues about the nature of fallen Elantrians and the corruption of their magic.[6]


  • Her name is based on Aon Sea, which means "chastity or faithfulness".


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