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Type Religious/philosophical text
Author Keseg
Language JinDo
World of Origin Sel
Universe Cosmere

The Do-Kando is the ancient holy book of Shu-Keseg, a religion on Sel.[1]


It is among the earliest extant pieces of Selish literature, thought to be preceded only by Wyrn the King.[2] The book consists of the teachings of the JinDo religious philosopher Keseg (also known as Keshu or KeHwo), as recorded by his two primary disciples, Dereth and Korath.[3] Keseg drew from the traditional JinDo value of unity and applied the concepts of a single, omnipotent god and an organized ministry.[3] Keseg's work was considered revolutionary even though his primary intent was to clarify existing JinDo beliefs.[3]


Dereth and Korath interpreted Keseg's teachings differently[4] and wrote their own holy books, the Do-Dereth and the Do-Korath. These books remain the basis for the two religions most commonly practiced in modern Opelon.[5][6] The Derethi still use the Do-Kando to some extent alongside the Do-Dereth.[7]

While explaining his supposed conversion to Shu-Dereth to Hrathen, Dilaf claimed that a Derethi arteth gave him a copy of both the Do-Kando and the Do-Dereth and that he read them in one night.[7]


  • In the original printings of Elantris, this book was referred to as the Do-Keseg in chapter 3[7] and Do-Kando in chapter 43.[2] The Tenth Anniversary edition of Elantris changed both references to Do-Kando.


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