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Relatives Barb, Doris, Stanley, Bailey
Profession Butler
World Earth (Legion)
Featured In Legion
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Wilson is the butler of Stephen Leeds. Not himself a hallucination, he is "an excellent servant and an excellent person", one of the few who can put up with his master's peculiarities.[1] He often goes through the motions of making sure all of Leeds' hallucinations are comfortable, and also fetches them from their rooms and, when they ask for refreshments or foodstuffs, pretends to give them to them. Wilson turns seventy and retires the day after Stephen found Sandra.

Wilson is not, however, a sycophant. He calls Stephen out for acting improperly or disrespectfully towards clients and visitors.


You like to use that excuse, Master Leeds. One wonders if moments like this are a matter of laziness more than control.

—Wilson's opinion of Stephen Leeds[1]


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