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Brick's tavern
Owner Brick
World Lumar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Tress of the Emerald Sea
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Brick's Tavern is run by Brick on Diggen's Point.[1] He is assisted by his cousin, who helps him keep watch over the tavern, when the crowd is getting rough.[2]


Brick's Tavern is where Brick makes his ale, which is considered to be some of the best in the region, to the point that sailors will often visit to get it, and merchants will purchase it in barrels.[3] There are generally two crowds that patron Brick's Tavern in the evening. The happy and boisterous crowd that are often roaring, cheerful and festive. Then, as the evenings tend to drift, there is the colder, darker and quieter crowd, who desire company, rather than companionship. Brick keeps his tavern open until 2am.[1]


The men that frequent Brick's Tavern regularly play darts, though with slightly unusual rules. After discovering that with the way the grain in the wood wall looked above the dartboard, it almost looked like an image of the duke. That meant the two knots in the wood below the dartboard could be interpreted as a certain part of the duke, right above where legs would be, and thus were the real target for the game. A good dart throw will result in winces from any witnesses.[1]


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