Mrs. Maheras

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Children Panos, Dion
World Earth (Legion)
Featured In Legion: Skin Deep

Mrs. Maheras is the mother of Panos & Dion.[1][2]

She is a first-generation Greek American[3] with a heavy Greek accent. She keeps a well tended lawn and a number of tomato plants.[1] She is a very religious member of the Greek Orthodox church and rather disappointed that both of her sons became atheists. Her house is full of kitsch.[4]

She worked together with Father Frangos to steal the body of her son Panos in order to prevent a cremation, as it goes against her faith. She did this by imitating the cleaning lady's patterns exactly going as far as practing her signature. She got caught because she didn't practice copying the numbers and she has a very distinctive zero.[2] She was relieved when Stephen convinced the government to put Panos' body into cold storage instead of cremation.


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