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Powers Rithmatics
Profession Law enforcement
World Earth (Rithmatist)
Featured In The Rithmatist

Inspector Harding is a federal inspector of the United Isles of America.[1]


He is sent to Armedius Academy to investigate the disappearance of Lilly Whiting, which becomes the case of the Scribbler. Principal York assigns him Professor Fitch to assist in the investigation.[2]

It is later discovered that he is taken over by the Forgotten named Scribbler and is responsible for the disappearances.[3] He first attacked and consumed Lilly Whiting, to spread panic between the students. He then insists students to stay at school under his protection, killing Charles Calloway to further discourage any thoughts on leaving the school.[citation needed] After all students are concentrated at the school as he planned, he goes on, attacking and consuming the students. Eventually, he is stopped by Fitch, Melody and Joel.


He often rides a spring horse and uses spring rifle as weapon.[citation needed] With the Rithmatic powers granted by a Forgotten, he draws with a chalk on the tip of the rifle.[citation needed] he seems to have the inherent ability to draw quite perfect circles and lines. However, he knows nothing of drawing a proper defense and can be easily fooled in a duel.


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