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The Melee was a Rithmatics competition run by Armedius Academy.

It tested the skills of the Rithmatic students.

Notable Melees[edit]

1888 Crew-Choi duel[edit]

Paul Crew and Adelle Choi were the final two Rithmatists remaining in the 1888 Melee. Paul's team had been able to protect him for most of the match, leaving him with an almost pristine circle. Adelle's team had been eliminated during the first few minutes. She was heavily bombarded by Lines of Vigor and chalklings from Paul and her defense was almost gone when she bounced a Line of Vigor off of three Lines of Forbiddance to reach a weak point at the rear of Paul's circle. This won her the match[1]

~1908 Melee[edit]

This Melee is unusual in that not only did a non-Rithmatist compete but he was also part of the winning team. It exploited a loophole in the rules which states that only students of Rithmatic professors are permitted to participate, Joel Saxon served as a research assistant to Professor Fitch and so counted as a student. He joined Melody Muns at her position in the center of the arena. Joel drew the defense, a nine-point circle, which Melody then traced, giving the lines their Rithmatic properties. Melody drew the chalklings using her skill in the area. They also used the newly discovered Line of Revocation to great effect, Joel would draw the line and wait until the ideal moment to have Melody trace the line. Despite the considerable odds against them, they won the match quite decisively.[2]


The Melee arena at Armedius Academy was a large open area that resembled a ice skating rink. It had a rough black surface in order to maximize the visibility of the chalk drawn by the participants. Above the playing field was a seating area for professors, because Rithmatic duels are best viewed from above. The ceiling consisted of glass squares with metal supports in between them. Along perimeter of the playing field were seats for the general public, and even though there are a lot of seats there still isn't enough for everyone who wants to attend to sit.


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