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Tower of Nebrask
State Nebrask
Nation United Isles of America
World Earth (Rithmatist)
Featured In The Rithmatist

The Tower of Nebrask is a structure on the isle of Nebrask in the United Isles of America.[1] It is a portal to the world of wild chalklings, and has many Rithmatic oddities.[2]


Appearance and Discovery[edit]

The Tower of Nebrask is, of course, a central feature in early records. Of obviously ancient date, the Tower was one of the wonders of the islands, as it was the only freestanding structure of apparent human design to be discovered there.

—from a history book at Armedius Academy[3]

The Tower was first recorded by early European explorers of North America. It appears to be ancient, and is thought to be the oldest known man-made structure in the Isles.[3] Early explorers reported that the Tower would disappear and change locations, but this seems to have stopped over time.[3] It is not known who built the Tower, as the islands appeared to be mostly uninhabited when the explorers arrived.[3] A few natives were found, but the isles were strangely empty. The people of the Aztek Federation in South America had accepted some refugees from the Isles, but their stories were lost to time and most of the people there generally refused to discuss the Tower.[3]

Wild Chalklings and Rithmatics[edit]

At some point—historians have not reached a consensus on when, although some give credence to reports by Manuel Estevez—people began to see wild chalklings appear in the isles.[3] Although the chalklings were not aggressive at first, they began to harass people and eventually launched a full offensive,[3] killing people, destroying property, and generally threatening the existence of human life in the region.[4] King Gregory III is said to have somehow discovered Rithmatics, with the aid of a pocket watch made by Master Freudland.[4][5] Rithmatics offered a way to battle the chalklings and eventually contain them in the Tower [4]

Powerful beings known as Forgotten also exist in the Tower. They lead the wild chalklings like generals, and can consume people in a way very similar to chalklings. This "consumption" has occurred to many serving at the Tower, including Harding, William Muns, and likely Andrew Nalizar.

Current Events[edit]

In the current day, the Tower is sealed in and guarded by Rithmatists to stop the trapped wild chalklings from escaping. The area around the Tower is enclosed by a massive chalk Circle of Warding thousands of feet in diameter.[6][7] The circle is drawn on concrete poured into the ground,[6] presumably to keep the circle round and to provide a chalk-friendly surface. The weather on Nebrask is generally rainy,[8] and canopies cover many areas of the circle to avoid water washing the circle away.[6] Students at the Rithmatic academies are sent to Nebrask for their final year of training,[9] and are required to serve in the fight against the chalklings for at least ten years.[10] Unskilled Rithmatists are expelled from the academies rather than sent to Nebrask to avoid endangering themselves and others.[11] The Rithmatists on the front lines battle chalklings and maintain the circle to avoid breaches, although they may sometimes go weeks without any action.[8] They are aided by professional soldiers, who use acid to destroy chalkings.[7] Rithmatists who are ill-suited for the pressure of battle sometimes serve in a more strategic capacity, such as Professor Fitch.[8] After Rithmatists retire from active duty, they are given a lifelong stipend and remain available to be called up as reserves if a serious breach were to occur at the Tower, although this is very rare.[10]

Some people are skeptical about the threat posed by the Tower,[12] partially due to the secrecy of Rithmatists.[13] They are content to ignore the events in Nebrask because there has not been a significant breach in centuries, and deaths have become relatively rare.[14][15] However, in addition to the seemingly unlimited number of wild chalklings that appear, there are many reports of other unexplainable events on the island;[7] Trent Saxon traveled to the battlefront to research these reports shortly before his death.[16] Joel Saxon learns that the threat from the Tower is real, including the existence of powerful beings known as Forgotten[15] who have somehow escaped Nebrask.[17] He also realizes that a supernatural being, possibly a Forgotten, has possessed Andrew Nalizar in an attempt to sabotage the training of Rithmatists, hoping to tilt the odds against them at the Tower.[14]


  • Brandon has said that when he mapped out Nebrask, the Tower of Nebrask was located at the address where he grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska.[18]


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