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Powers Rithmatics
Profession Professor
Residence Armedius Academy
Homeworld Earth (Rithmatist)

I just . . . well, you know how I am about confrontation.

—Fitch to Principal York[1]

Fitch is a professor of Rithmatics at Armedius Academy. He teaches a Rithmatics class until Nalizar beats him in a duel and takes his place, relegating him to tutoring professor.[2] Afterwards, Melody Muns is assigned to his remedial Rithmatics class. He is also tasked by Principal York with investigating the disappearances of the students that the Scribbler kidnapped. Joel Saxon acts as his research assistant.[3]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Fitch typically dresses in a white vest, shirt, and trousers with the red coat with a militaristic feel, the coat of a full Rithmatic professor[2]. After he swaps places with Nalizar he wears the grey coat of tutoring professor. Fitch is distraught by this, and he cries himself to sleep that night[4]. He loves teaching and doesn't mind interruptions by students unless they bother him early in the morning or late at night. Fitch is uncomfortable about dueling, and confrontation in general. As such, it is hard for Fitch to focus and create his defenses properly while dueling.

Attributes and Abilities[edit]


Fitch is a skilled Rithmatist, particularly in defensive theory; however, actual fights make him nervous causing him to make mistakes and draw sloppy lines.[2]



Fitch studied the origins of Rithmatic powers and their treatment in early American society.[4]

At Nebrask[edit]

Fitch spent only a few weeks on the front line at Nebrask, instead spending most of his time serving on the defensive planning committee in Denver City.[4]

Armedius Academy[edit]

Before Nalizar's Challenge[edit]

Fitch worked as a full professor at Armedius Academy teaching defensive Rithmatics to the Rithmatic students.[2]

Nalizar's Challenge[edit]

A few days before the start of summer, Professor Fitch is challenged by Andrew Nalizar. Initially stunned by the prospect of a duel, Fitch draws an Easton Defence, which he had been teaching the class. It is a poor defense for a one-on-one duel and the stress causes his hands to shake and him to draw an outer circle lopsided. Nalizar is able to defeat him in the duel, giving himself the rank of tenured professor and demoting Fitch to a tutoring professor. The whole class, including Joel Saxon, who is secretly sitting on the stairs, witnesses Fitch's defeat.[2]

After Nalizar's Challenge[edit]

You will leave them alone!

—Fitch to Harding[5]

Now working as a tutoring, Professor Fitch is assigned Melody as a remedial student and starts investigating the recent disappearances of students for Principal York, with Joel acting as his research assistant.[3]. He is instrumental in the defeat of the Scribbler, dueling it and showing it the inside of a clock at Joel's suggestion.[6]


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