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World Earth (Rithmatist)
Featured In The Rithmatist

The Forgotten lead the wild chalklings in the Tower of Nebrask. Unlike chalklings, which are made of chalk, the Forgotten appear to be made of charcoal and look like shadows.[1] They however can still be destroyed by acid.[2] They have the ability to bind with a person and grant Rithmatic powers much like a Shadowblaze, though this ability was unknown to humans until a Forgotten bound itself to Inspector Harding.[3]

"What the dusts is a Forgotten!" Joel said.
"A creature of Nebrask," Fitch said. "They lead the wild chalklings."

—Discussion between Joel Saxon and Professor Fitch[2]

The Rithmatists it consumed are turned into wild chalklings, which can be used to attack and consume more people. This type of chalking can reform after being dissolved by acid. [4]


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