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Melody Muns

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Melody Muns
Melody by Lesya BlackBird.jpg
Siblings William, 3 others
Abilities Rithmatics
Profession Student
Residence Armedius Academy
World Earth (Rithmatist)
Featured In The Rithmatist

The unicorn is a noble and majestic animal!


Melody is a student at Armedius Academy[2] at the same time as Joel Saxon.

She is a Rithmatist, but is not very good at drawing circles and other defensive formations. However, she is gifted at drawing chalklings, especially unicorns. Joel once took a look at her notebook and found it full of castles and unicorns.

Melody was William's sister. They came from the Floridian Atolls where their parents still lived. Both of Melody's parents and all of her siblings are Rithmatists. Due to the great distance between their home and the Academy, they only came visit Melody one time a year, when the Melee happens.

Melody and Joel Saxon, working as a team, won the Melee and defeated Inspector Harding. Both parents as well as William's and Melody's sibling are Rithmatists, a fact that seemed to be nearly impossible.[3]


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