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Charles Calloway

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Charles Calloway
Parents Didrich Calloway
Abilities Rithmatics
Profession Student
Residence Armedius Academy
World Earth (Rithmatist)
Featured In The Rithmatist

Charles Calloway was a Rithmatics student at Armedius Academy.[1]

He was a victim of the Scribbler.[2] His father, Didrich Calloway was the knight-senator of East Carolina. He was taken right under his father's nose, with guards all around. As the chalklings surrounded him and he realized he wasn't going to make it, he drew a picture of his attacker and wrote a description. He didn't give up hope, however, and fought till the very end.[3] He managed a Shoaff defense, a difficult nine pointer. He was a top Rithmatist. They did eventually recover him and return him to his family.[4]


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