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Andrew Nalizar

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Andrew Nalizar
Powers Rithmatics
Profession Professor
Residence Armedius Academy
World Earth (Rithmatist)
Featured In The Rithmatist

Andrew Nalizar is a professor of Rithmatics at Armedius Academy.[1]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

He is a very powerful Rithmatist.[citation needed] As an experienced duelist, he draws very fast and prefers simple, offensive-oriented defenses and Chalklings.[1] His power was originally granted by a Shadowblaze, but after the event in the Tower of Nebrask, it is likely replaced by a Forgotten.[citation needed][disputed]


He challenged Professor Fitch to a duel.[1] By winning this duel he and Professor Fitch exchanged places in seniority: Nalizar became a tenured professor and Fitch fell back to the lowest rank, tutoring professor.[2]

Nalizar got his coat three years prior to the events of the Rithmatist at Maineford Academy, then spent two years at fighting at Nebrask until he came to Armedius Academy. He is considered a hero for his service at Nebrask; he lead the expedition to recover William Muns's body.[3]

He was present during the defeat of the Scribbler, who he claimed to have tracked from Nebrask. He was inadvertently splashed with acid by Joel Saxon and knocked unconscious by one of the Scribbler's Lines of Revocation.[4] He was lauded by as a hero by Joel after the battle.[5]

He has the same blackness behind his eyes as Inspector Harding, who was possessed by a Forgotten, indicating that he likely is as well. He all but admitted to being one during a conversation with Joel. He convinces Joel that nobody will believe any accusations against him by Joel, given Joel's prior retracted accusation and praise following the defeat of the Scribbler.[5]

He spent much of his time at Armedius researching books on Rithmatics, which was speculated by Joel to be a means of ascertaining humanity's understanding of Rithmatics.[citation needed]


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