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Gregory III

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Gregory III
Titles King of Britannia, Monarch in Exile
Powers Rithmatics
World Earth (Rithmatist)
Featured In The Rithmatist

King Gregory III was a prominent historical figure on Earth. He was the sovereign ruler of Brittania and the head of the Church of the Monarch. He also discovered Rithmatics.[1]

Britannia and the JoSeun Invasion[edit]

Gregory III was the hereditary ruler of the island nation of Britannia. During the period where the JoSeun Empire was advancing through Europe, Gregory and his countrymen were forced to flee from their homeland. They took refuge in the United Isles of America, despite historic tensions between the two nations.[1]

Monarch in Exile and the Discovery of Rithamtics[edit]

With the loss of his political power, Gregory instead focused on his position as the head of the Church of the Monarch and worked at expanding its influence.[1]

Following rises in attacks by wild chalklings, Gregory found a way to combat them by use of Rithmatics. He was an old man by this point.[1]


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