Lilly Whiting

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Lilly Whiting
Powers Rithmatics
Profession Student
Residence Armedius Academy
Homeworld Earth (Rithmatist)

Lilly Whiting is a Rithmatics student at Armedius Academy, a student of Professor Fitch.

She was one of the first victims of the Scribbler, and the first that occurred within the book's timeline.[1]

Lilly was sixteen at the time of the Rithmatist prologue, and had lived in Jamestown all her life. It is assumed that her family is at least moderately wealthy, due to the fact that she attends Armedius Academy as a Rithmatist, and that her home, which is described in the prologue, has a grandfather clock, fine rugs, painted walls, dark wooden floors, broad picture windows, and a rocking chair.[1]


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