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Joel Saxon

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Joel Saxon
Parents Trent, Mrs. Saxon
Profession Student
Residence Armedius Academy
World Earth (Rithmatist)
Featured In The Rithmatist

Joel Saxon is a student at Armedius Academy.[1]

He is not a Rithmatist, but enjoys studying Rithmatics, and excels at mathematics. He is a fantastic line/circle drawer, even though he does not possess the magic properties needed to be a Rithmatist.[2]

Joel is believed to be the only non-Rithmatist ever to encounter a Shadowblaze.[citation needed]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Joel is 16 years old and tall for his age.[1] He is obsessed with Rithmatics, and is very good in every academic subject, especially geometry.


Joel has lived at Armedius Academy his whole life. He grew up there due to his father being the school chalkmaker and his mother a cleaner. He was offered a scholarship by Principal York when his father died in a springrail accident. Joel and his mother then moved from his father's workshop into a small room with one bed and one bathroom. Joel attended Armedius once old enough, and then proceeded to flunk one class every year.


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