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Aura fabrial
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured in Yumi and the Nightmare Painter
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The aura fabrial is a type of fabrial which can analyze the spiritweb and Connections of a subject. Design uses Hoid's aura fabrial to read Yumi and Nikaro's spiritwebs when they were trying to determine where Yumi was from.[1]

Hoid's aura fabrial is a large black box with a glass surface on the top face and a display screen on one side. It has dials that must be adjusted for proper operation, and requires a source of power, such as hion. The subject places their hand on the glass surface, and a light glows inside the box as it works. The results of the analysis are displayed as text on the display screen. The device is designed to work for individuals with more common levels of Investiture, and thus gives unclear results for those such as Elantrians, Returned, and yoki-hijo. The fabrial can determine how Invested the subject is, pinpoint damage to the spiritweb (such as the removal of memories), and identify Connections (such as those to other people or locations). It also does not require its subject to be in the Physical Realm; a person whose soul has been removed from the Physical, like Nikaro's was at the time, can be read just as easily.[1]


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