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Groups Aspect
World Earth (Legion)
Featured In Legion

Arnaud is one of Stephen Leeds' aspects.[1]

He is a short, slender, balding French man.[2] He manifested after Stephen recovered Balubal Razon's camera. He is a physicist specializing in temporal mechanics, causality, and quantum theories.[1]

J.C. seems to like him, though the friendliness is not really reciprocated.[2] This may be because, after Arnaud makes a speculation about the nature of the aspects and how they can remember having past lives, he takes it to mean he is an Interdimensional Time Ranger.

After Stephen recovered the camera he set Arnaud to the task of seeing how it worked and replicating it. He was able to make the camera go back in time about 6 months.[3] After fixing the camera he wished to return home to his family in France and not be a aspect any longer. He helped Stephen escape from the virtual reality prison. [4]


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