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Adam Makings
Profession Scientist, astronomer
World Earth (Rithmatist)
Featured In The Rithmatist

In Rithmatics, words are unimportant. Only numbers have meaning, and the circle dominates all. The closer one can come to perfection in its form, the more powerful one is. The circle, then, is proven to be beyond simple human reasoning. It is inherently divine.

It is odd, then, that something man-made should have played such as important part in the discovery of Rithmatics. If His Majesty hadn't been carrying one of Master Freudland's new-style pocket watches, perhaps none of this would have ever occurred, and man might have fallen to the wild chalklings.

—Adam Makings' journal[1]

Adam Makings is the personal astronomer and scientist to King Gregory III, and writes a book on Rithmatics which Joel read. He discovers and investigates two-, four-, and six-point Rithmatics circles, and has more vague theories on other Rithmatic figures. His report also mentions that clocks were somehow involved in the discovery of Rithmatics, but he doesn't include specifics. He believes that the circle is divine, and talks about how some scientific discoveries in history before Rithmatics weakened belief in the divinity of the circle.[1]


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