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Springrail is a form of spring-loaded clockwork-driven monorail used to travel around the United Isles of America.[1]

Springrails are the primary form of transportation between islands. On many islands, the springrail station is an important location.[citation needed] Springrails have gotten cheaper over time.[2] Joel's father allegedly[2] died in a springrail accident.

Springrails hang beneath their tracks, which are about ten feet tall. The train cars are long and slender, designed like ornate carriages. Springwork engines are located towards the front of the train cars, usually at least two. Workers attach giant springwork batteries, which contain very tightly wound springs.[3] Many Rithmatists are employed by springrail companies, using chalklings with Glyphs of Rending to wind large spools to prepare the springrail batteries. The springrail line is crenelated, allowing the springrail’s gears to grip it and pull itself along. The springrail starts out moving slow, but gets up to high speeds. When one battery is expended, the train stops as the next one is activated. Each battery likely lasts for about an hour of travel.[3]

The water between the islands is often around a hundred feet deep, and the springrail line is supported by massive steel pillars. There are several springrail junctions, where the engineer pulls a lever. It raises a hooked contraption, which trips the correct latch and sets the springrail on the desired course.[3]

The springrails go to every isle, and they form a crisscrossing web of tracks across the United Isles. There has been discussion of building a springrail line across the Atlantic Ocean to Europe, but the depths of the ocean make the prospect immensely expensive.[3]


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