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Krell (cosmere)

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Krell (cosmere)
Type Animal
Native to Patji
World First of the Sun
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Sixth of the Dusk

Krell are a species of animal found on the island of Patji on First of the Sun.[2]

The krell's appearance is unknown. Their natural predators include nightmaws, which hunted them on land, and deepwalkers that attack them when they are near the shore. The creatures are likely herbivorous, feeding on oceanside weeds.[2]

The krell live together in herds and travel across the island on trails that they wear through the jungle.[2] They often sleep beneath the roosts of Aviar in order to hide their minds from predators, since many Aviar provide mental protection. However, some of their predators have learned that if they startle the Aviar away from their nests, they can again sense the minds of the krell.[2]


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