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Table of Feruchemical Metals[1]
Iron Iron (Skimmer)
Stores Physical Weight
Steel Steel (Steelrunner)
Stores Physical Speed
Zinc Zinc (Sparker)
Stores Mental Speed
Brass Brass (Firesoul)
Stores Warmth
Tin Tin (Windwhisperer)
Stores Senses
Pewter Pewter (Brute)
Stores Physical Strength
Copper Copper (Archivist)
Stores Memories
Bronze Bronze (Sentry)
Stores Wakefulness
Chromium Chromium (Spinner)
Stores Fortune
Nicrosil Nicrosil (Soulbearer)
Stores Investiture
Cadmium Cadmium (Gasper)
Stores Breath
Bendalloy Bendalloy (Subsumer)
Stores Energy
Aluminum Aluminum (Trueself)
Stores Identity
Duralumin Duralumin (Connector)
Stores Connection
Gold Gold (Bloodmaker)
Stores Health
Electrum Electrum (Pinnacle)
Stores Determination

The table of Feruchemical metals as it is organised on the poster.

  1. Note that the Table of Feruchemical Metals, an in-world document, lists this quadrant as "Hybrid," but it is stated that, essentially, there are two Physical quadrants.[2]