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Type Sea creature
World of Origin First of the Sun
Universe Cosmere

It passed directly underneath. Sak chirped quietly from Dusk’s shoulder; the second bird seemed to have some sense of the danger. Creatures like the shadow did not hunt by smell or sight, but by sensing the minds of prey.

Dusk, about shadows[1].

A deepwalker, also called shadow, is a large sea-dwelling predatory creature on First of the Sun, only living in the waters near the Pantheon.[1].

Like many creatures native to the Pantheon, it hunts by sensing minds of other living creatures, making protection bestowed by mind-shielding Aviar essential for unarmed boats. They hunt in the open sea, but are also capable of exploding out of the water to devour prey on the beach. They only seek larger prey, not bothering themselves with smaller food like slimfish.[1].

A deepwalker is as wide as six narrowboats tied together, and possesses something like claws or tusks that are sharp enough to gouge rocks[1].

The ironhull class of ship can successfully attack and defend themselves from deepwalker threats; they manage to kill one during the expedition to Patji by the Northern Interests Trading Company.[1].


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