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World Earth (Alcatraz)
Featured In Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians

It connects all of the Knights of Crystallia. It strengthens us, gives us comfort. By it, we all share a measure of who we are.

Bastille's explanation of the Mindstone[1]

The Mindstone is a piece of crystal that connects the Knights of Crystallia together. It is a shard from the Worldspire. It connects all of the Crystin together, allowing them to share abilities. That means that if one of them knows how to do something, each of the rest of them get a tiny bit better at that thing. [2] The specifics of the Mindstone are implied to not be known to the general population outside of the Crystin.

As a punishment, and when people are kicked out of the Knights, they are cut off from the Mindstone. It is a painful process for the Knight. When Bastille was cut off from it, she felt ill and out of sorts, barely talking to people.[1]


The traitorous Knight Archedis corrupted the Mindstone after cutting himself off from it, incapacitating every Knight of Crystallia besides him and Bastille, who was cut off from it. The act caused every Knight to suddenly collapse, screaming in pain.[3]


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