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Abilities Crystin Knight
Nationality Crystin
Homeworld Earth (Alcatraz)
First Appeared The Knights of Crystallia

Archedis is a Crystin knight.[1] He is influential and well respected but is eventually revealed to be a traitor.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

One of the knights was a masculine, burly man with an enormous chin. He was dangerous in an 'I'm a knight, and I could totally kill you' sort of way.



Archedis, Draulin and an elderly bearded Crystin granted Bastille her knighthood and gave her her first assignment six months before the events of The Knights of Crystallia. After her sword was broken by Alcatraz and she ended up handling her mother's sword during the adventure in the Library of Alexandria, she was put on trial. During the trial he is skeptical of Alcatraz's claim that he broke Bastille's sword, but wary enough not to hand his over. When it is time for the three to pass judgement, he decides on the following:

The young Smedry's speech has moved me. Perhaps we have been hasty. I vote to suspend knighthood, but not remove it. Bastille's taint of another's sword must be cleansed, but I believe one week to be too harsh. One day [severed from the Mindstone] should suffice.


Alcatraz and Bastille run into him a little later at the Royal Archives (Not a Library!) where he informs them that there are always two full Knights of Crystallia on protection duty and claims that he is there to oversee a shift change. During their brief exchange he tells Alcatraz that he has been following his exploits and congratulates Alcatraz on how well he handled the battle with Blackburn. Archedis offers to escort Alcatraz into the archives. When Alcatraz declines, Archedis leaves after telling the soldiers to obey Alcatraz. This makes it much easier for them to enter.[3]

During the battle at the meeting of the Council of Kings, Archedis knocks out Grandpa Smedry and reveals that he intentionally pushed for Bastille to become a knight and be assigned to Grandpa Smedry in the hopes that she would fail and he would be killed. Alcatraz observes that Archedis was also well placed to corrupt the Mindstone and to have planted the Detonator's Glass that disabled the Hawkwind and lead to Alcatraz plummeting into the ocean. With all of the knights connected to the Mindstone out of commission, Bastille steps up to battle Archedis. After a grueling battle, he yields and Alcatraz shatters his blade.[2]


According to Sing Sing Smedry, Archedis is one of the most influential Knights of Crystallia. Bastille is highly impressed by him and says he is one of the reasons she decided to become a Crystin knight.


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