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Elizabeth Warner
Profession Reporter
World Earth (Rithmatist)
Featured In The Rithmatist

Professor Fitch is a little squirrel of a man, huddled before his books like they were the winter’s nuts, piled and packed carelessly in his den. He’s deceptively important, for he is at the center of the search to find the Armedius Killer.

—Part of Warner's article on Professor Fitch[1]

Elizabeth Warner is a reporter who reports on the activities of the Scribbler. She has blond hair which she keeps in a bun. She is 5'7" and has sharp features and a narrow face. She is about thirty-five years old.[2]


Warner pretended to be a distraught parent of a Rithmatic student in order to trick Professor Fitch into revealing the specifics of the investigation.[3] Joel and Melody read her article while at the ice cream parlor.[1]

Her article described Fitch's demeanor and living state, and described his importance in the investigation, which wasn't widely known. She got Fitch to reveal he thought the missing children were alive, and learned that new Rithmatic lines had been discovered. She wasn't able to get a look at the lines. Her article contained more details about the disappearances, including the fact that blood was found at the crime scene.[1]


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